Traditional Medicine


  1. Reduces symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression (12345123745)
  2. Enhances the function of the parasympathetic nervous system and other stress-related variables (5)
  3. May reduce Chemotherapy induced vomiting (37)
  4. Helps normalize blood sugar levels (3)
  5. Boosts Lymphocyte count by 11% (4)
  6. Boosts immune system, helps increase resistance to infection (489)
  7. Lupus, autoimmune syndrome support improves immune function (411)
  8. TTM Traditional Herbal remedies proven to kill Head and Neck Cancer (12)
  9. Improves cellular immunity in colorectal cancer patients receiving chemotherapy (4)
  10. Effective lymphatic drainage modality, reducing and or eliminating static lymph, lymphadenosis/ lymphadema. (Acts as a Complex Decongestive Therapy: CDT enhance the resolution of edema via the lymphatic system and are especially beneficial post surgery, Orthopedic injuries) (394041)
  11. Addresses nutritional and food issues and increases nutrient motility (32)
  12. May alleviate oxidative stress and improve antioxidant system (3233)
  13. Reduces toxicity and lymphatic stagnation in breast tissue and surrounding areas. (3941)
  14. Significantly reduces chronic pain (12451314151617184649)
  15. Increases Parasympathetic activity, decreases Sympathetic activity (545)
  16. Increases delta, reduces theta, alpha and beta brainwave activity (1)
  17. Assist in managing type 2 diabetes (310)
  18. Lowers blood pressure (reduces muscle tension)(2)
  19. Significantly reduces Peripheral Neuropathy in Diabetic Patients (13)
  20. May improve activities of daily living, mood and sleep patterns, and pain intensity of stroke patients over time. (1549)
  21. Effective in treating TMJ (temporal, Mandibular Cranial and Jaw Dysfunction) (16)
  22. Increase bone density, resorbtion, formation by stressing connective tissue and “bending the bones” (1920)
  23. Resolves many soft tissue/ connective tissue disorder (Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)(162123)
  24. Reduces, improves hand mobility for Scleroderma patients (2146)
  25. Effective in reducing chronic tension and migrane headache severity (2425)
  26. Promotes health related fitness, bone formation and quality of life in menopausal women (32627)
  27. Reduces and or eliminates active/ latent Trigger Points and equalizes/ reduces areas of low oxygen, chronic inflammation and high neurologic activity. (1644)
  28. Improves physical fitness and performance in athletes (749)
  29. Increases relaxation and decreases anxiety and pain in Scapulocostal Syndrome patients (2)
  30. Helpful in rehabilitation of stroke patients. (2930)
  31. Decreases spasticity and aids in rehabilitation in elderly stroke patients (293031)
  32. Effective treatment for Repetitive Stress Disorders (11626)
  33. May improve mental and emotional/ psychological/ neuro-emotional issues (11034)
  34. Facilitates Birth and Delivery, May reduce Postpartum hemorrhage after vaginal delivery (35)
  35. May reduce Post Partum Depression (143435)
  36. Can facilitate, assist release of afterbirth (35)
  37. Reduces pain, particularly soft tissue, joint, back, low back and neck pain (2163638444649)
  38. Reduces Spasticity in patients with Cerebral Palsy (42)
  39. More effective than OTC medications in symptomatic treatment of Osteo-arthritis pain (12) (434449)
  40. Improves blood sugar levels of pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus (3)
  41. Beneficial effect on autistic children’s behavior (6)
  42. Reduces risk of heart attack (123451245, 46)

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