Massage Tips

SHARING massage tips for  you to help love ones is always a pleasure.

We use our inhouse blended herbal ball mix, Chinese quasha

& Raymedy (an art combining Chinese TCM meridian database + Dutch engineering).

Thai Massage is an ancient art.

This is step on technique.

This is a thankgiving ceremony for the TOKSEN tools we are about to receive

This is TOKSEN - Hammering the SENSIB .

Herbal ball is combined with a massage plan to target the symptoms.





Did you know that this is one of the points that can help a heart patient regulate? (see picture on left)

Did you know that the tip of the little finger on the right side of the face with the ring finger (called the ape) is called the Grave Acupressure, the other side is called the grave acupuncture point. Reflexology is closely related to the heart, so when the heart attack comes, use the force of the little finger tip, which can help relieve the pain.

When in doubt do not try!




Did you know that foot reflexology regulates blood flow for hear patients?  The points may interest you.
Did you know ladies have to be careful when getting a foot reflexology during menstruation or when pregnant? The point may interest you as well.

  • Senior citizens can improve mobility with 90mins lesson.  (Form a group of 5 and lets set a date).
  • Stroke patients, heart patients should learn some massage techniques to self massage with 90mins lesson.
  • Sportsmen can improve warm ups with 90mins lesson.
  • Children with special needs can have soothing massages to reduce anxiety. in 90mins lesson.
  • Children with special needs can improve mobility if only parents knew where to massage in 90mins lesson.

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